This Dublin cinema is hosting a Pixar month and we are absolutely buzzing 4 years ago

This Dublin cinema is hosting a Pixar month and we are absolutely buzzing

Following the release of Incredibles 2, it seems like Pixar has been at the front of everyone's minds.

Which is why we were buzzing when we found out Dublin's Lighthouse Cinema has announced that they are going to be launching an entire season dedicated to Pixar.


It gets even better, though: over the course of the season, which runs from August 10 until August 26, they are going to be showing every Pixar film ever. 

Yes, that's right, all 19 of the animated films are going to be hitting the big screen one again.

According to the Lighthouse, there's "a Toy Story marathon for all to fill your hearts with joy and a Cars marathon for all the little Lightning McQueens out there."


There's also a chance to catch up with Mike, Scully and Boo with Monster's Inc. - and, of course, to follow Merida's adventures in Brave.

Here's what's going to be playing...

  • A Bug's Life (From August 10)
  • Finding Dory (From August 11)
  • Finding Nemo (From August 11)
  • Cars 3 (From August 12)
  • Cars 2 (From August 12)
  • Cars (From August 12)
  • Inside Out (From August 13)
  • Wall-E (From August 14)
  • Monsters Inc. (From August 15)
  • Up! (From August 16)
  • Ratatouille (From August 17)
  • Monster's University (From August 18)
  • Toy Story (From August 19)
  • Toy Story 3 (From August 19)
  • Toy Story 2 (From August 19)
  • The Incredibles (From August 20)
  • Coco (From August 25)
  • Brave (From August 25)
  • The Good Dinosaur (From August 26)

You can get more information (and book tickets) here.