Eastenders fans "devastated" as Danny Dyer announces he's leaving the soap 5 months ago

Eastenders fans "devastated" as Danny Dyer announces he's leaving the soap

He'll be missed.

Eastenders fans are devasted today after news broke of Danny Dyer quitting the BBC soap.


Danny has played pub landlord Mick Carter for nine years but has left fans shocked after The Sunday Mirror revealed he has quit the programme altogether and will now focus on a new project on Sky.

A source told The Sunday Mirror: "Danny has offers coming in left right and centre, and a lot of the things he has wanted to do he can’t because EastEnders have such strict rules about what he can and can't do.

"It’s driven him mad at times and he’s now ready for a change. But it hasn’t been easy to walk away, BBC bosses have been desperate to keep him. But he’s been insistent and when Sky approached they gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse. It’s a new chapter for Dan and he’s over the moon.

"There’s been a lot of tension about Danny going as he is their No1 star. To say they were upset to see him go is an understatement. But in the end they couldn’t convince him."


As the news broke, fans couldn't hold in their disappointment to see him leave the soap, and he's not the first to go as Maisie Smith and Adam Woodyatt have also announced their departure.

Taking to the one place they can vent the best, fans on Twitter were not happy about him leaving.

One said: "#EastEndersDanny Dyer quit?! What is going on over there."


Another wrote: "Oh no. #DannyDyer will be missed terribly as #MuckCarter. He is a wonderful actor with great acting talent #EastEnders."

A third added: "Danny Dyer leaving EastEnders? You're avin' a giraffe ain't ya?"

While a fourth chimed in with: "Absolutely gutted to see that @MrDDyer is leaving @bbceastenders#DannyDyer#EastEnders"