End your festival on a high with a helicopter detour to this dreamy sea-side lodge 1 year ago

End your festival on a high with a helicopter detour to this dreamy sea-side lodge

Brought to you by Rockshore

The definition of INCREDIBLE!

We know how kind the folks at Rockshore can be but this right here takes the biscuit.


Festival over. Unable to move limbs after three FULL days of thrusting yourself from one stage to the next. The actual thought of having to lug your bags to the exit is causing trauma to the soul.

Well, allow us to put you at ease friends. Rockshore are giving YOU and FIVE mates the chance to win the most amazing (and entirely necessary) post-festival experience.

As your festival wraps up, your Rockshore Detour experience will begin. By helicopter, you'll all be whisked away on a scenic aerial trip over the Atlantic coast, taking the better route home, if you will.

Have your cameras at the ready — we promise it'll be gorgeous. (Your favourite pics and videos from the trip will be edited by the crew down in Mayo, leaving you with the most stunning of Instagram stories.)

From here, you'll land (yes, land!) at the Big Style Atlantic Lodge in Mayo.

With a fresh change of clothes and warm shower waiting for you, you'll be ready to chill out, enjoy the hot tub and take part in some activities like supping or surfing before digging into a yummy barbecue with some Rockshore.

When it's time to get yourself home, you'll be hopping back into the helicopter and flown to your humble abode.

Don't forget, throughout the summer months, Rockshore will be giving away festival packs with everything you could possibly need for an incredible weekend adventure! So keep your eyes peeled.

To be eligible to win this amazing prize you MUST be in Bundoran on Monday, June 24. To be in with a chance to WIN this very first Rockshore Detour Experience, visit Rockshore online!

Only over 18s may enter. #RockshoreDetour

Brought to you by Rockshore