The Eurovision song has been picked but Late Late viewers' heart was with Aunty Maureen 1 year ago

The Eurovision song has been picked but Late Late viewers' heart was with Aunty Maureen

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Anyone who watched last night's Late Late Show was treated to the Eurosong special where a panel of judges sat down to decide which singer would be heading to represent Ireland at this year's Eurovision.


Winning the judges approval, Derry native Brooke Scullion will be heading to Turin, Italy in May to perform for around 180 million people, no biggie.

Despite getting public praise and an outpour of support from viewers, a lot saying she gives off Eurovision vibes, there was one other person in the studio that had everyone's backing and she wasn't even a contestant.

Aunty Maureen was one of the family and friends of the Eurovision hopefuls in the audience, enthusiastically supporting her nephew Patrick O'Sullivan who performed One Night, One Kiss, One Promise.


Maureen was so proud and excited for him that she managed to leave everyone online talking, really making her mark on the Irish public.

Moments after Patrick sang the final note of his song, Ryan singled out Maureen from the crowd to tell her how great she was, saying: "You're great, In fairness, you were the first person standing."

But as the show went on, Maureen continued to make us laugh as voting lines hadn't even opened when she was spotted by Ryan already on her phone.

"Maureen are you on the phone? I swear Aunty Maureen has the phone out I can't believe it I just barely said the lines [open]," Ryan joked.


Naturally, after getting a few funny moments from her, the world of Twitter joined in on the laughs, with the Late Late Show account even weighing in.

Alongside a video of her on the phone, they wrote: "Aunty Maureen is ON IT! #LateLate."


Another said: "fames going to get to aunty maureen’s head."

A third wrote: "if i'm gonna see aunty maureen cry cus of brooke's win than so be it."

A third said: "Tubs "And the person to represent Ireland in Turin is....... Aunty Maureen!!""

A fourth added: "can we just send Aunty Maureen."