Everything we know so far about Derry Girls season 3 8 months ago

Everything we know so far about Derry Girls season 3

It's gonna be "brilliant".

The third and final season of Derry Girls is set to be released soon and we couldn't be more excited.


It's been over four years since the first episode aired and we all fell in love with the quirky gang as they navigated teenage life in Derry during the Troubles.

Details about season three's plot have been kept quiet, but considering the wild scenarios the characters find themselves in, we'd say anything goes really.

Here is everything we know so far.

Release date


Channel 4 has yet to confirm a release date for the final season. However, thanks to Nicola Coughlan, we know filming has wrapped - so fingers crossed it will arrive sooner rather than later.

Season three was first announced back in April 2019, but it was delayed due to Covid. Given the delays and the fact that filming's done, we'd place our bets on a Summer or Autumn release.


It's gonna be "brilliant".

Back when filming was initially put on hold, Nicola Coughlan told Her that creator Lisa McGee had let her read through the storylines for season three.

"They're so brilliant," she said at the time. "Which doesn't surprise me - she's just incredible - but it made me want to do it right now. "


Romance for Erin and James

Series star Dylan Llewellyn, who plays James in the show, hinted that season three will explore the will-they-won't-they relationship between his character and Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson).

In a very adorable TikTok, Dylan reacted to a clip of Erin walking through the school corridor - and he looked smitten.

Lisa McGee also alluded to this potential storyline in a previous interview, saying how she “always thought James liked [Erin]” but is yet to come to that understanding.

Is a potential romance is on the way? We hope so.

@djllewellyn Bit of James and Erin #derrygirls #fyp #jerin ♬ original sound - Taylor Swift

Some famous faces will be joining the crew

Fatboy Slim will be making a cameo in the final series. Lisa McGee confirmed the news on Friday by sharing an image of the DJ on set, with the caption: "We've come a long long way together."

He's said to be a massive fan of the show and will play himself.  Iconic.

Lisa also previously told Radio Times during an interview in 2020 that she would love to cast comedian Dara Ó Briain in the third series - so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for him too.

It's going to make us cry

In an interview with Radio Times, Nicola Coughlan said the show's emotional ending had her balling her eyes out.

"It's really magical. I cried and cried and cried when I finished reading the scripts," she said. "Because, you know, it's our last one.

“It's bittersweet, but I think we're sending it off in style.”

You heard her, have some tissues at the ready.

The series is finished, but it might not be the last we'll see of the Derry girls

Lisa recently spoke about the series coming to an end and hinted at the potential of a Derry Girls movie. Speaking to the BBC, as she accepted her honorary doctorate from Queen's University, she said:

"There might be...I'd love to do...perhaps a movie of Derry Girls and then I have a few other projects but they're very early days at the minute. I hope so. I haven't even thought about it [Derry Girls movie] yet.

"We've always known that we wanted to do three series and all the actors kind of knew that as well. We've known this was coming but I think we've become like family ourselves, the cast and the crew so it'll be sad when we wrap that last day."


Derry Girls season one and two are available to stream now on Netflix.