Fans think this tiny detail in Game of Thrones hinted at a huge series twist 1 year ago

Fans think this tiny detail in Game of Thrones hinted at a huge series twist

It was one of the biggest twist in Game of Thrones.

But it turns out that George R.R. Martin may have been foreshadowing the Red Wedding all along. 

One Reddit user pointed out a passage early in A Storm of Swords - the third book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series - that hinted at the jaw-dropping turn of events.

This story contains spoilers from Game of Thrones. 

The passage, pointed out by eagle-eyed Reddit user zlow821, has Arya and The Hound talking about what is going to happen when he brings her to her brother Robb.

Arya insists that her eldest brother would never accept the Hound into his army - which ends up prompting The Hound to grumpily snap back.

He tells her.

“Then I’ll take as much gold as I can carry, laugh in his face, and ride off.

“If he doesn’t take me, he’d be wise to kill me, but he won’t. Too much his father’s son, from what I hear. Fine with me. Either way I win. And so do you, she-wolf.

"So stop whimpering and snapping at me, I’m sick of it. Keep your mouth shut and do as I tell you, and maybe we’ll even be in time for your uncle’s bloody wedding.”


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Bloody wedding. As in, a wedding with blood. Like the Red Wedding.

The Red Wedding was the nickname given to the wedding of Arya and Robb's uncle, Edmure Tully, to Roslin Frey.

The ceremony quickly turned into a massacre, organised by Lord Walder Frey in revenge against the King in the North Robb Stark for breaking the  marriage pact between houses.