We finally know what was in the note that Lorelai gave Rory in S6 of Gilmore Girls 2 years ago

We finally know what was in the note that Lorelai gave Rory in S6 of Gilmore Girls

It's actually so sweet.

If you're a massive fan of Gilmore Girls (which I am), then you'll probably remember when Rory decided to reconcile with Logan all because of a letter than her mother gave her.


Now I'm not going to lie. I always assumed it was just a prop letter with nothing actually written on it but as it turns out there were some wise words of wisdom written on that piece of paper and we finally know what they were.

The photo of the letter was taken by a Gilmore Girls fan who took a tour of the Warner Brothers lot and snapped a picture of the relationship-saving letter Lorelai delivered to Rory via Logan during S6:E12.

It's even on Dragonfly Inn stationary, I mean can you deal?


In the episode titled Just Like Gwen and Gavin, Logan desperately tries to win back Rory and even goes to the lengths of asking Lorelai for help.

He then brings the letter to Rory's apartment hoping it will win her back but also being absolutely clueless to what it actually says.

While during the episode on Gilmore Girls Rory never reads the letter aloud we now know what it was that Lorelai said that helped get Rory and Logan back together;

"Dear Rory, So, right now you are reading my sealed words of wisdom as the tormented, foolish (but persistent) cad hangs off every nuance of your reactions, his heart and mind in a dizzying flurry of questions as to how the outcome will play out…

As you read this, delight in the knowledge that this love-sick pup before you does not have a clue… Now, ordinarily, after a fool has taken my daughter’s love for granted, if I did not kill him through a slow and excruciatingly painful death, I would instruct my daughter, much like Miss Havisham did to Estella in ‘Great Expectations’, to be cold blooded and calculating, to dash his hopes, and to crush him.

However, the decision is all yours to make. Love is elusive and all-encompassing; when you fall under its intoxicating spell, you have little recourse but to live out its devices. If you love this boy, maybe you want to give it another chance…?

Good luck, love you, Mom."


We always knew Lorelai was wise but this letter just confirms it and is the sweetest mama bear letter ever.