The four things Kate Middleton has to have in her handbag at all times 4 years ago

The four things Kate Middleton has to have in her handbag at all times

Sound familiar?

When it comes to the contents of our handbags, there are three different categories – the items we can’t leave the house without, the items that we think we need but really don't, and the things that seem to just live in said handbag.


Yes, it’s a mess in there but one woman who keeps things fairly minimal is Kate Middleton.

Naturally, the Duchess is not one for lugging around a load of unnecessary items, instead ensuring four things, in particular, are with her at all times.

According to the author of Kate: A Biography, Marcia Moody, Kate must have four specific items in her bag at all times and they’re not as luxurious as one might imagine.


In her bag at all times is a compact mirror to ensure she doesn’t get papped looking anything less than regal.

Next up is a handkerchief, which is not just handy, but necessary when you’re a mum-of-three on the go.

Kate’s just like us with this next item – lip balm. The Duchess keeps a stick of lip balm on her at all times which comes especially handy this time of year when the cold can leave us with chapped and broken lips.

Lastly, Kate makes sure to pack some blotting paper to rid herself of any shiny patches before stepping out in front of the world’s media.


While we might not have all that much in common with K Middy, we can say our handbag contents are fairly similar – even if she doesn’t have a crushed granola bar in there for weeks.