She quit the villa to be with him - but by then Frankie was already cheating on Samira 2 years ago

She quit the villa to be with him - but by then Frankie was already cheating on Samira

When they both appeared live on Aftersun a week ago, Frankie Foster gushingly asked Samira Mighty to be his girlfriend.

And she didn't hesitate in saying YES!

However, it seems that as she was making the pretty big decision to pack up and leave the Love Island villa, he was already sleeping with another woman.

It is now being asserted that the 22-year-old fitness trainer slept with a Swedish woman called Stephanie - just a day before his totes emotes reunion with Samira.

Indeed, it is claimed by The Sun that Frankie met Stephanie at London's Libertine club hours before he welcomed Samira home at Gatwick Airport.

Ouch, that's messy.

Stephanie herself has spoke publicly about the alleged fling, stating:

"I was with friends and got talking to Frankie, who was sat drinking champagne with his manager at the next table - never once did he mention this Samira girl.

"We danced and ended up taking a cab back to his hotel room in King’s Cross, there were two double beds and I said, "Who else is staying here?"'

"He said: 'Well, my manager is, he probably won’t stay here tonight...' as far as the sex went, Frankie was nothing special but nothing bad."

Fair enough.

Stephanie concluded that the rendezvous was cut short when Frankie's manager 'killed the mood' by returning at 5am with McDonald's.

Last week, it was furthermore claimed that Frankie and Samira's tear-jerking reunion at Gatwick might have actually been FAKED.

According to someone who was there, the pair were standing around with the Love Island team figuring out the best way to film the reunion for the show so, you know, Samira jumping into Frankie's arms wasn't all that legit.

Still, they were gushing over one another on social and then there is that Aftersun airing to consider.

We're confused; we're enthralled; we can't wait for their next move.