Friends reunion? Creator says there are NO plans, and they won't be making any either 1 year ago

Friends reunion? Creator says there are NO plans, and they won't be making any either

A blessing in disguise, to be honest.

In the era of the reboot, the reunion, and the rewatching your favourite series for the eightieth time, it's hard to just accept that maybe some things should be left alone.

Certain shows are timeless, sure, but does that mean that we have to return to them every couple of years, throw in a new Christmas special, add another 10-years-on season, and desperately hope that the new stuff is just as good as the old?

Because it never is.


One reunion that a load of people are willing to happen is a Friends reunion, and while the idea of such an event, in theory, sounds absolutely delightful, we all know that in reality it would be absolute carnage.

And nobody wants to see that.

friends reunion

Thankfully, Friends creator Marta Kauffman has done us all a solid and confirmed that there absolutely are no plans for a Friends reunion - and that they won't be making any either.

"Why mess up a good thing?" she said. "We wouldn't want a reunion to disappoint fans."

And oh, disappoint fans, it would.

The writer told AP that there were no immediate plans to bring the show back despite rumours that the cast were apparently all up for it.

C'mon lads, have a bit of foresight - this would not be a good thing.

Kauffman also touched on misogyny in TV and the ways that she saw this flourish throughout the industry, regardless of how successful the shows she worked on became.

She recounted a time where she told a man she was working with that she was having menstrual cramps. “And his comment was, ‘This is why I hate to hire women,'” she said.

“And the way people dealt with me, I was a woman first. I would be called a ‘tough broad,’ a ‘tough cookie.’ The male producers were never called names like that.

"They never had to be qualified by an adjective."