Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie on why she decided to submit herself for the Emmys 11 months ago

Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie on why she decided to submit herself for the Emmys

Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie has explained why she decided to submit herself for an Emmy.

Last month, the 40-year-old received an Emmy nomination for her role as Brienne of Tarth.

And she made headlines across the world last month when it was revealed she had submitted herself as a contender for the best supporting actress category for this year's awards.

Now, Christie has explained why she decided to do it - and how it felt when she heard about the nomination.

She told The Hollywood Reporter:

"When I read the script for the final season, I was delighted that Brienne had such a full storyline.

"I set about working the hardest I've ever worked to try to bring that to life, because it was happening for the last time.

"I just wanted the possibility of the opportunity [to be nominated]. It was useful to me, as a person, to take that step of putting it forward.

"I remember talking about it with my team and saying, 'I feel like I just want to do it for me, for the character.' And I said to them, 'Don't worry about me being disappointed. I genuinely do not expect it to amount to anything.'"

Christie added that she hadn't told anyone, except for her partner, that she had decided to self-submit for the Emmys.

And while she knew what date the nominations would be announced, she had decided she wouldn't be looking as "I didn't need to experience that disappointment."

Recalling the moment she found out about her nomination, she said:

"I was in a taxi on my way to work, to the theater, where I'm doing a play at the moment. The phone rang, and it was my publicist.

"When they said I'd been nominated — well, let me tell you, I experienced every single emotion known to man.

"I spoke with them again 15 minutes later and said, 'It's not a mistake, is it?' Because I just could not believe it.

"It means a huge, huge amount to me, and HBO has been very supportive as a consequence of the wonderful nomination."

The actress also spoke about her character's ending, and why she thought Brienne would have decided to stay in King's Landing.

She continued:

"I always thought it was that Brienne has decided to stop serving other people. She's starting to be in control.

"It starts being about her own intellect, her own skill, and her own ability to be in charge and be in control.

"And I love that her final line is 'I think ships take precedence over brothels.'"