Game of Thrones fans ridicule show after spotting huge error in latest episode 1 year ago

Game of Thrones fans ridicule show after spotting huge error in latest episode

Another episode, another mistake

At this point, we are giving you one big bad spoiler alert. Don't go past this sentence if you've not watched season five, episode eight of Game of Thrones.

game of thrones spoilers

Game of Thrones is a very good show despite its flaws, but the latest and final season has been a test for viewers.

A number of errors and weird choices made by the writers and showrunners have pushed fans’ suspension of disbelief to extreme limits.

The most famous error and potentially the moment this season will become best remembered for is the stray Starbucks cup that was left on a table during a scene in Winterfell after the fight against the White Walkers.

That cup, and the obvious carelessness that meant it remained in the scene after editing was complete is possibly the most-talked about moment of the season up to now, but after episode five of season eight, named ‘The Bells’, it may have some competition.

That competition comes in the form of a stray appendage which was spotted by viewers towards the end of the episode.

If you‘ve not seen the episode yet then turn away now, but if you have.... the moment comes before Cersei and Jaime are crushed as King’s Landing collapses amidst a shower of dragon flame.

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Having snuck into the bowels of the Red Keep, Jaime finds his twin sister there, scared and alone as her reign literally burns.

They speak for a short while and Cersei tells Jaime that she wants her baby, their baby, to live. It’s unlikely it will.

The two then embrace just before the ceiling falls upon them, and it was during this embrace that fans noticed that, with his arms wrapped tenderly around Cersei, Jaime’s right-hand looks in incredibly good shape for something that was cut off years ago.

As you know, Jaime had his hand, his sword hand, severed by Bolton forces many moons ago, and since then he has worn a prosthetic gold hand.

It has remained on his wrist since that fateful day, until now, meaning either that true love made his hand grow back, or - more likely - the showrunners once again took their eyes off the ball.