Gogglebox cast chat some of their best moments and plans for the new series 1 year ago

Gogglebox cast chat some of their best moments and plans for the new series

"It's like word vomit, it just comes out and you can't stop it."

Gogglebox is one of those TV shows that has us laughing and crying all within the same episode, and in its very nature, makes us feel as if we're sitting watching the TV with each member of the cast.


As it approaches another season on Irish TV screens, two of the now famous families have sat down with Her.ie to explain just how the show has changed their lives and what we can expect to see next.

Speaking to Her.ie, Dale and Dawn have been fan favourites on the show for seven years now, with the series being the thing that helped them come out as a couple to their family and eventually getting married last year.

"That is something that has been unusual, you never think 'I'm going here now so I'm going to get spotted', I think it's changed more for our friends because at the start they'd be standing laughing," Dale said.

"It's the same, we're filming at home. You're sitting on your couch at home just chatting to someone you chat to every day, so it doesn't feel different."


As the girls have more experience on the show, the Carlow lads who made their debut last season seem to be in a much different boat.

As they return for the upcoming season, they know more of what to expect but it never makes it any less daunting.

"I was a fan of the show before we were ever on it and it's very obvious when someone's trying to force humour. It's more enjoyable for the audience and the people involved when it naturally happens. You just get used to it," they said.


Recalling one of her most iconic moments on the show, Dale spoke about the moment we all still think about when she mistook Jesus, Santa and God.

"A couple of seasons ago, we were filming and it was the closing episode and the following week we decided to go to London and we had a lot of missed calls off my dad and obviously we thought the worst.

"When I took the call off him, he was like 'Jesus Christ, how do you not know the difference between Santy, Jesus and God', and I got really flustered one time when we were filming and I was like 'oh my God, it's God and Santy's birthday in December', and it was such a thing that just came out of my mouth."

Dawn then chimed in, adding: "To this day people still bring it up. It's like word vomit, it just comes out and you can't stop it."


When it comes to Gogglebox, we saw one of the greatest moments on television when the cast of Daddy's Home sat down to watch an episode of Fair City.

Asking if this is something we'll ever see again on the show, producer David Noble said we could be a long time waiting.

"We've had Will Ferrell in every series but he just hasn't made the cut since but we're hoping this is the year," he joked.

"We'd love to try something like that, you don't want to force it. We'd love to do a celebrity version but what you don't want is to end up in a place where you've a load of people that you're not fascinated by so the fact that it hasn't happened before is not for a lack of effort but it's just that the right pieces haven't fallen into place.

"We'd absolutely love to do it, the fact that we've done it once and it was four Hollywood A-listers will show you that we're quite particular about how it ends up in the show. As long as we get the cast of Daddy's Home 3, that's probably when it will happen. We're always on the lookout for something but chances are it will be a surprise when it will happen."


Gogglebox Ireland returned last night on Virgin Media One, with new episodes airing every Wednesday.