Gogglebox Ireland returns to TV tonight and there's some new faces! 4 months ago

Gogglebox Ireland returns to TV tonight and there's some new faces!

Just the ticket for a Wednesday evening.

We've lost TV royalty this week (RIP Keeping Up With The Kardashians) and if you're feeling just as despondent as us have no fear, a classic favourite is returning to our screens tonight.


Gogglebox Ireland returns to Virgin Media One at 9pm tonight and (if we do say so ourselves) we think it's by FAR the best Gogglebox on the air at the moment.

It could be the Irish sense of humour, but watching Irish people watch Irish television is hands down one of the funniest things we've ever witnessed and we're happy to report that all our Gogglebox favourites will be back for the latest season with a few new faces thrown in for good measure.

In the first episode, we'll be treated to two brand new families, the absolute anticipation...

Heading to County Kilkenny for the first time in Gogglebox history we'll be introduced to The Saunders Family. Homecare worker Helen and retired Garda Der have been together for nearly forty years and have four sons, with three of them appearing on the show.

The Saunders Family

Also joining the cast for the first time tonight is Tallaght native Lariche, her husband Gary and Lariche's two younger brothers Gilmar and Blair.


This season, the Gogglebox families will be weighing in on the Coronavirus, lockdown, the government and the countless boxsets and TV shows we’ve all been glued to throughout the pandemic.

Happy (other people) watching!

The Mandiangus family