Gogglebox viewers not impressed with new 'fake posh' couple on the show 2 years ago

Gogglebox viewers not impressed with new 'fake posh' couple on the show

Bit awk.

Gogglebox viewers are not at all impressed with one of the new couples on the show.


John and Beryl were introduced to the programme recently, but have so far failed to win and hearts and minds of the British public with their up-market banter.

So much so that fans have started taking to social media to claim that the pair are putting on push accents for the purpose of the series.


During last night's instalment of the show, John and Beryl had a bit of a fight about the dishwasher.

Here's how it went down:

John said: “Beryl, this is absolutely hopeless you’ve put all things in the wrong way again. All these plates you’ve got in the wrong place.”


To which Beryl responded: “You’re just crazy.”

John then retorted with: “I’m not having you taking over the washing up machine because it’s just hopeless. I think you should leave it to me. It’s beyond your capabilities.”

Harsh enough.

Viewers weren't all that taken with the fight though and instead requested that the pair be removed from the show.

Bit rude lads, you hardly know them.




Grim enough.

This came after a few viewers theorised that John and Beryl were brought in to replace the iconic June and Leon - the former whom decided to quit Gogglebox after Leon passed away. 

The couple had been married for over 60 years.