It's happening! The Spice Girls are going on tour next summer 3 years ago

It's happening! The Spice Girls are going on tour next summer

Say you'll be there... 

Because you know you will, like.


It's official, it's happening, it's definitely a thing because a leaked lineup for the Jonathan Ross Show has shown that Geri, Mel B, Mel C, and Emma will be hitting up the couch next week to give us the reunion we've all been gasping for.

We've already had one iconic group get back together, why not throw another in the mix?

And, honestly, Who Do You Think You Are not getting hyped about this news? The gals aren't just reuniting to record a few new tracks or whatever (though absolutely fingers crossed that they will), but they're also going on tour next year.

Our lives will be sufficiently spiced.


The Sun reports that the Spice Girls (minus VB) will be embarking on a stadium UK tour next summer.

This announcement will come in the form of a video message released on Monday - Bonfire night for the Brits among us - followed by their first TV interview as a new foursome on the JR Show on Saturday.


The Spice Girls haven't been on tour together since 2008 when they had their last reunion and haven't performed together in general since the 2012 Olympic Games closing ceremony.

So, you know, this is a pretty big deal, and we're not about to Stop getting pumped any time soon (get it?).

And while their hasn't been many whispers of a Spice Dublin date just yet (please), we can only assume that the girls are going to be hitting up Belfast on their travels.


So yeah, we're gonna start saving now because we Wannabe there.