Here are the 12 Casa Amor bombshells that are going to be entering the villa 2 months ago

Here are the 12 Casa Amor bombshells that are going to be entering the villa

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Meet the new Islanders.

It's that time of year again, Love Island fans.

Casa Amor is nearly here and, if we're being honest, we couldn't be more excited: it's time to bring the drama.

In case you need a refresher (or you're new to watching Love Island), the twist sees the original villa being split into two - and the Islander couples put to the ultimate test, as a total of 12 new bombshells are introduced.

The twist was first introduced in 2017, where it caused shockwaves among many of the most established couples - including eventual winners Kem and Amber.

And with this year's group of Islanders expected to be split into the two villas in the coming days, ITV have shared the first look at this year's Casa Amor bombshells.

Here are the 12 new Casa Amor bombshells.

Jade Affleck 

Age: 25

Job: Sales Professional

Priscilla Anyabu

Age: 25

Job: Model and Operations Manager

Jamie McCann

Age: 24

Job: Eyelash Technician

Molly Smith

Age: 25

Job: Manchester

Eva Zapico

Age: 21

Job: Recruitment Consultant

Natalia Zoppa

Age: 20

Job: Student and club promoter

Biggs Chris

Age: 27

Job: Car Body Repair Specialist

George Day 

Age: 27

Job: Estate Agent

Alexi Eraclides

Age: 23

Job: Butler in the Buff

Josh Kempton

Age: 21

Job: Model

Ched Uzor

Age: 23

Job: Scaffolder

Jordan Waobikeze

Age: 24

Job: Administrator