Here's what Stanford Blatch's storyline was going to be in And Just Like That... 1 year ago

Here's what Stanford Blatch's storyline was going to be in And Just Like That...

He was set to appear in all 10 episodes.

Michael Patrick King, the creator of And Just Like That... has given viewers an insight into what Stanford Blatch's storyline would have been on the Sex and the City reboot.


The much-loved character was played by actor Willie Garson, who sadly passed away unexpectedly last year. He was 57 years old.

Garson had filmed just three episodes of And Just Like That... but King has shared that his storyline would have panned out very differently.

In the series, Stanford leaves his husband Anthony (Mario Cantone) to go manage a TikTok star in Tokyo. His story ends abruptly, something King acknowledges was necessary.

In an interview with Variety, King said: "I knew the audience would never invest in it, because they knew he was never coming back. It’s the most threadbare writing I’ve ever done just to move him along without much maneuvering, because it was just so sad. There was no way I could write myself out of that in any charming, cute way."


The original plan was for Stanford to appear in all 10 episodes, and to share some "really fun, flirty, hilarious confidante scenes with Carrie".

King said: "That old, old, very specific chemistry that Carrie and Stanford have, which is based totally on the uniqueness of Willie and Sarah Jessica’s history."

In terms of plot, Stanford was going to experience a "mid-life crisis", while questioning his career choice.


King said that And Just Like That... was going to explore the fact that he career "wasn't a real career".

He went on: "It was going to be Carrie and him, feeling the shifts. Anthony and him were probably going to have split anyway."

The showrunner added: "Everybody would be relieved that they were divorced because it was not pleasant for anybody."

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