And Just Like That... episode 9: Charlotte, you have my whole heart 7 months ago

And Just Like That... episode 9: Charlotte, you have my whole heart

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Give Charlotte and Lily their own show.


Nine down, one to go, And Just Like That... episode 9 has just landed on NOW and I simply refuse to believe it's near the end.

Ah yes, there's nothing quite like when these women get real. And in this episode, getting real is all about periods, or lack thereof.

As a 24-year-old, I can't say I related to Charlotte all that much as she openly talks about hitting menopause, but when Lily screams about getting her period on the same day as a pool party, the memories came flashing back.

Lily has decided she's ready to learn how to use a tampon, and flashbacks to all our teenage years that we've so desperately tried to erase have come back, please say it's not just me.


When she finally gets it, normality is restored, that is until she can't find the string. After a bit of mayhem, something I was personally never shy of either at 15, she finds it only to notice Charlotte has gotten a "flash period".

I'm starting to think Charlotte's only role in this show is for a little comic relief and honestly, thank God, the show would be agonising without her in it.


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But Anthony stole the show here with two words, as he's introducing his new boyfriend to Charlotte and Harry, the new man says the Holocaust was a hoax when he hears they're having a Jewish meal, to which Anthony screams: "Get out." A king.

When it comes to Miranda, I genuinely screeched out loud when she called Che her girlfriend. Miranda, honey, calm it. While Miranda was never my favourite of the four, I always liked how her character remained so strong and independent, the writers always navigated her so well, now they've thrown her in a completely different direction and the more she speaks, the more I cringe.

The whole "getting to know each other" conversation just showed how far from reality Miranda is. She's literally only just split from Steve and gotten with Che, and all of a sudden she's acting like she's in a rom-com. Miranda never acted like this, not even with Steve and as much as she tries to be woke, the first step is to know it isn't the 90s anymore.

Carrie is facing a massive dilemma; should she or should she not be still wearing her wedding ring? Her friends can't give advice, they don't know what the protocol here is and the struggle here is something nobody should be facing.


As she tries to take it off, she ends up putting Big's on and instantly knows she isn't ready. Meeting Peter, she only goes to explain why, and he clearly isn't ready to date either. That was truly heartbreaking.

But what was even more heartbreaking was Steve and Carrie's interaction as he tries to get some answers about Miranda and Che. You can hear the heartache in his voice, the man has been left high and dry, and so desperately wants closure. But it's when Carrie steps in paint and goes to wash it off, only for Big's ring to go down the drain, that we sense a little connection, hmmm?

All in all, the episode had me in tears again. No thanks to Steve, a lot of giggles from Charlotte and Lily, and of course, covering my ears not wanting to hear what Miranda comes out with next. With one episode left, I'm mentally preparing myself for how this show can officially break me next week. It's going to be a hell of an emotional one. I'm so here for it.

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