High School Musical is becoming a TV series and OMFG, I'm 15 again 5 years ago

High School Musical is becoming a TV series and OMFG, I'm 15 again


High School Musical was one of the highlights of my tween life. I remember wishing Troy gave me a necklace with a "T" on it to wear to school. I remember wanting canteen dance-offs and school productions where I'd get the guy over the bitchy know-it-all.


High School Musical is a cult classic for any millennial. And, lets not forget all the whopper tunes like Breaking Free, Music In Me and Head In The Game. Belter.

So, you can imagine my sheer delight to hear that a 10-episode series titled High School Musical: The Musical has been confirmed by Disney and will follow a group of students attending East High as they attempt to put on the performance of a lifetime staging "High School Musical" at their school.

Variety also reports that the show will include all the songs we know and love plus new ones which we know we'll be totally addicted to too.


The show will also feature a new cast with new names and it's been announced that casting for parts is already underway.

Main characters in this docu-series will include "Nini", "Ricky" and "Ashlyn".

Want to take a trip down memory lane to get you excited for the series? This will surely do it.



We cannot wait for this to land.