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This Hocus Pocus drinking game will make your night ten times better
If you're staying at home this Halloween...

You can't beat Hocus Pocus.

It's the Halloween film that never gets old, and year after year, we cuddle up on the couch and watch it again and again.

However, this year, you can make it a tad more fun with this drinking game.

Someone over at HomeWetBar.com has created the boozy game to go along with the movie, and it'll ask you to drink, gulp or take a shot at specific times in the flick.


So for example, whenever Sarah Sanderson 'gets flirty' or when the sisters are complexed by a modern day invention.

We think this could come in very handy if you plan to stay in with your pals on Halloween night... or better yet, play the game at pre-drinks to really get in the spooky spirit.

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