The Too Hot To Handle Villa is now the most expensive place to stay on Airbnb 1 year ago

The Too Hot To Handle Villa is now the most expensive place to stay on Airbnb

If there's a villa on a reality show, we need to stay in it.

If the Love Island was on Airbnb, we'd be the first to stay so when we got wind that the Too Hot To Handle villa was welcoming guests, you can understand our excitement.


The Casa Tau in the Mexican resort town of Punta Mita was home to the original Too Hot To Handle cast back in season one, the villa that had us all hooked to the Netflix series.

Not only do we know it immediately from the series, it turns out that the villa is actually the most expensive home to rent on Airbnb in the entire world.

According to Casino Bee, Casa Tau costs just under €32,627 ($37,600) per night, so if you were to stay there for a week, it would cost you a whopping €228,383 ($262,900).

Considering how many people stayed there in the first season, it might not seem as bad a price, still a lot but not as bad, right?


That couldn't be further from the case, Casa Tau can sleep 27 people. While that is a lot, it's still over €1,200 per person per night. Yikes.

That price includes access to the garden, the beach, the atrium, the 12 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, the terrace, exercise room and a stone pizza oven.

Not only do you have all of this, but there is also a chef, housekeeping and laundry services, as well as this there is fancy rain showers, Sonos sound bars and Apple TVs. The price isn't sounding too bad now.


If you want to stay in this luxury villa, or a better question is if you can afford to stay here, you can check out all the details here on their Airbnb page.