Inside Scoop: Kim's Bridgerton obsession, Niall's investment, and SoSu's big move 1 year ago

Inside Scoop: Kim's Bridgerton obsession, Niall's investment, and SoSu's big move

Celebrity news - and picnic bits!

It's the middle of the month and Inside Scoop is back!


Cassie Stokes and Rob Kenny discuss the latest celebrity news in the latest of the series, from the Kardashians making BFFs with a Bridgerton star, to Niall Horan investing in an Irish lifestyle brand.


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A lot happened in the last month, Kim Kardashian and Ireland's own Nicola Coughlan became best friends after Nicola tweeted Kim telling her the outfits on Bridgerton were inspired by the Kardashians.


Nothing to see here, just real casual.

In other Irish celeb news, Suzanne Jackson (of SoSuMe fame) moved to Portugal. Earlier this month, the Irish influencer shared a post explaining that herself and her husband Dylan had made the move - and followed all the safety guidelines in the process.


There's no word on when they'll move back to Ireland, but if Jackson is able to run her successful company from the comfort of a poolside lounger, we wouldn't blame her if she stayed forever.

Another Irish celeb making waves this month was Niall Horan - but this time, not for his singer songwriter skills.

The former One D star recently announced on Twitter that he had invested in Irish lifestyle company Gym+Coffee. Horan said he is a big fan of the brand and the community it has created, and has plans to grow its international appeal.


Cassie and Rob also discussed some of the best food boxes around these days, which you 100% need to know about.

Feats @ Home is a favourite of theirs, as is the pizza from Little Forest; a place you need to try for take away boxes. According to Rob "it's the best pizza ever."


And since picnics in parks aren't going away anytime soon, you'd do worse than to bag yourself a little carrier picnic table, made especially for a bottle of wine and four glasses.