Is it over between Liberty and Jake? 2 months ago

Is it over between Liberty and Jake?

Tonight's first look does not look positive for Jiberty.

After a rocky couple of days for Liberty and Jake, the snippet for tonight's episode certainly made it look like it could be curtains for this Love Island couple.


Though they've been coupled up since Day One, fans have long been doubting Jake's true feelings for Lib, and recently Liberty's been feeling those doubts as well.

It all started with the controversial movie night, which aired a video of Jake saying that he doesn't want to "rip Liberty's clothes off". Things were complicated further when Liberty brought her doubts to Jake, who dispelled the argument by telling her he loves her for the first time.

Though they soon made up, and put on a united front to mind their mechanical baby, Jiberty could unravel tonight, particularly after the clip shows her breaking a massive Love Island rule.

In the preview, a visibly upset Liberty is seen taking off her microphone and throwing it on the ground. The villa has strict rules about microphone use in place to ensure that production can pick up on everything they say.

As she walks away, the dramatic music intensifies, and in the next clip she tells someone, presumably Jake, "I just don't think we're right for each other."

The camera then shows a rattled Jake sighing.


Viewers at home deducted that the relationship is in danger.

Jake's dad, meanwhile, wrote on social media that he doesn't believe Jake is playing a tactical game.

Mr Cornish said: "It’s Jake’s last week in the villa and as his parents we have really enjoyed watching his relationship with Liberty develop.

"It’s been hard at times, to see his loyalty and honesty called into question when we know him to be completely genuine.

“Please continue to support Jake and his feelings for Liberty which are from the heart. And as always, be kind.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9 pm on Virgin Media One and on the Virgin Media Player.