J-Lo and Shakira to headline Super Bowl 2020 halftime show 2 years ago

J-Lo and Shakira to headline Super Bowl 2020 halftime show

Name a more iconic duo, seriously.

It is safe to say that this year, the Super Bowl halftime show was, eh, lacking, somewhat.


It was questionable, it was a bit flat, and it was even called potentially the "worst" halftime show to ever occur.

It wasn't entirely Maroon 5's fault though. We can't blame them. We don't even know which ones are in the band anymore.

Deeply upsetting times for all involved, but hey, J-Lo and Shakira are headlining it next year, so something tells us that everything is going to be OK.

And alright, yeah, maybe Jennifer Lopez and Shakira wouldn't have been the first two people to come to mind when you think of the incredible collab that the world needs and deserves.

But that doesn't matter - because they will be once this airs.

The news was confirmed last night by both singers who shared a couple of photos of themselves and each other alongside the captions: “Get ready 02.02.20" and “This is happening. 02.02.20."


Excited? You should be.

Lopez, who has pretty much floored everybody in the entire world with her Hustlers performance this year, said previously that she would love to do the Super Bowl - but that nothing had been set in stone.

“It’s something that we’ve talked about for many years, and, you know, it would be nice," she said.


"It would be nice. I can’t say I wouldn’t love it."

Well now you're getting to do it, girl. So fair play.

The Super Bowl will take place next year, February 2.