Jeffree Star shares tour of new 'dream house' which is bigger than any hotel we've stayed in 1 year ago

Jeffree Star shares tour of new 'dream house' which is bigger than any hotel we've stayed in


Jeffree Star welcomed fans back to his channel and to his new pad yesterday as he kicked off 2020 with a tour of his new place.


The star shared 36 minutes of absolute viewing gold for anyone who is interiors-nosy like I am (major Cribs fan here) and also invited fellow YouTubers Shane Dawson and Ryland over to check it out too.

Shane Dawson's expressions make it viewing gold as per usual.

But anyway, anyone who is familiar with Jeffree's channel will remember his pink Barbie pad from all his videos. A pad that was full to the brim with press drops, dogs and gaming machines - a fantasy really but, the star was outgrowing the house and so, posted a final video decluttering it and saying goodbye here and then, went hunting for a new property leading him to this place.


Jeffree moved into his new home alongside his partner, Nathan Schwandt.

Speaking about his past and how six years ago, the makeup giant only had $500 to his name, Jeffree told fans that anything is possible before sharing some serious future house goals.


Now, without spoiling the video, here's a few rooms that blew our mind.

First of all there's the lobby of the hotel, I mean house, that comes with two grand stairs for Jeffree's dramatic video intros and outros to come.

Aside from the whopper kitchen and lounge area, there's also a dining table that sits a casual 14 people.



Then, Jeffree invites us to go up a few floors in his lift.

Yes, a lift in his house.


The lift can then whisk one off to a makeup room he has under construction, his movie theatre decked out with stars on the ceiling or to his underground car garage.

From there, Jeffree continued the tour by showing his pinball room - no surprise that this is a major feature in his home. He then went on to show numerous more rooms and then on to his bedroom, as you do.

The bedroom is the same size as a very, very, very large penthouse suite. Complete with two separate changing areas for Jeffree and Nate plus a spa, sitting room and changing area.


A very big changing area.

Oh and let's not forget the two floor gym.

But obviously with anything Jeffree Star, the tour is super extra and it doesn't stop there, nope, there's also a swimming pool, an "actual" spa separate to the one beside his new bedroom, a barn and an outdoor kitchen.

Yep, the 36 minutes really do fly by when you've got 6,000 rooms and one million acres.

Oh, to own a makeup empire eh?