Liberty's speech was actually heartbreaking 1 year ago

Liberty's speech was actually heartbreaking

Aw, Lib.

Liberty has expressed her desire to end things with Jake in tonight's episode of Love Island.


Following Faye and Teddy's date amongst the milk and rose petals, Liberty became upset when she began comparing her relationship with Jake to the others in the villa.

In scenes that were genuinely gut wrenching to watch, Liberty ran out of the villa and sat on the wall crying before Faye came after her.

Through tears, Liberty said that she didn't want to say anything bad about Jake, but that she wanted to "stay true to myself and leave" because she knew she and Jake weren't working.

She also said that she wanted someone to "love me for me," her "messiness", her "big heels, the red lipstick" - all those things that have made Liberty one of the best girls in the villa this year.


This came after the pair had had a series of uncomfortable conversations in which Jake complained that "everything's all about you" when he took a bad picture of himself, and called Liberty an "idiot" while he was making breakfast.

"If I'm giving 100% energy and I'm not getting it in return then I'd rather walk out here with my head held high and know that I've stayed true to myself the whole way through," she said.

"You have stayed true to yourself," responded Faye. "That's why you're staying here because you have."


Liberty replied: "I don't want to stay in the villa with someone that doesn't like me or love me. I don't want to be fake to myself and do that.

"I'm not saying anything, I'm not taking anything away from Jake, but I don't think we're right for each other.

"I do feel it was reciprocated, but I feel like something's gone wrong somewhere [...] I want him to try. I feel numb."


Liberty ended the chat with Faye by saying that she wanted to go and have a conversation with Jake about their future.

Her consistent denial that her feelings had anything to do with how her boyfriend had been acting was difficult to watch, as she repeatedly put herself down in the midst of a situation that she hadn't created.

Liberty later confronted Jake about how she was feeling, saying that she was happy to give him his bracelet back if she wasn't "what he wanted."

Love Island fans, and let's be honest, even the contestants, were eager for Liberty to see that she hadn't done anything wrong.

A true queen who deserves better. Give her the 50k, please.