Line of Duty fans convinced Kate is H after crime scene mistake 2 years ago

Line of Duty fans convinced Kate is H after crime scene mistake

Counting down the days now...

As we get closer and closer to the conclusion of the series and what I'm now going to refer to as 'H-Day', the Line of Duty theories are in overdrive. First there was speculation about Carmichael, then there was debate around Thurwell, and now (gasps) the spotlight is on Kate.


Kate?! Surely not. This would really be the mother of all bombshells, and throw everything up in the air. But some are starting to have doubts about her, particularly in relation to her behaviour after Ryan Pilkington's shooting in Sunday's episode.

The basis of this line of thinking is as follows: why did Kate run away with Joanne after shooting Pilkington? The more you think about it, the more unusual it seems.

She had been licensed to carry a firearm by AC-12, and she clearly shot Pilkington in self-defence. Kate would have surely faced few repercussions if she had simply stayed put with Joanne at the scene of the shooting.

Running away just made her seem more guilty than she was.


Her behaviour afterwards in the stand-off with Hastings, Carmichael and Arnott was also very suspicious as she had to be talked into dropping her weapon by Steve.

To add further spice to the that, in the trailer for the series finale we hear Hastings say that a number of suspicious deaths were orchestrated by 'H', before a number of suspects flash up on screen. The final face shown is, you've guessed it, DI Kate Fleming.

I'll warn you, the theories get a little bit more sketchy from her on in.

The Vixen herself, Jenny Ryan, noticed that in a scene between Hastings and Fleming at a sketchy underpass, a big H can be seen between the two of them. Is this a clue? Or is it just Jed Mercurio mocking us?


And to be honest, I'm not even going to acknowledge the next theory. Three words: Straws, clutching, at.

Soon all (hopefully) will be revealed, as we get closer and closer to Sunday. Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey I hope we get answers...