Triumph over trolls: Lisa’s Lust List opens up about her highcourt win 1 year ago

Triumph over trolls: Lisa’s Lust List opens up about her highcourt win

"You have got to be accountable for what you write online."

Influencer Lisa McGowan of Lisa's Lust List has opened up about her legal battle against anonymous online trolls.


The Tullamore blogger, who has over 130,000 followers on Instagram alone, was regularly targeted by online trolls who watched her every move.

Though she accepted some trolling and negativity came with her job, she felt forced to take legal action when anonymous accounts claimed she had stolen money raised for charity as "if you don't have your name you have nothing."

Speaking to RTÉ's Oliver Callan, Lisa said she was worried people would start to believe the lie the trolls were peddling.

Lisa also shared that the "begrudging, bitter people" who trolled her took a toll not just on her, but on her parents, who found the ordeal "terrifying." It was her father who suggested she find a way to "unmask" her tormentors.



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She decided to take the matter to court in a bid "to raise awareness of how much it hurts and upsets people."

"I needed to claim back my own name," she said. "I went to the highest court in the land, and that highest court believed me."

Lisa said the minute it was revealed she had won her case, the anonymous accounts were shut down. "...It was too late at that stage because we had got all the IT addresses. The legal team were working away in the background taking screenshots. The more that was written about me the bigger the case was becoming."


Lisa said as a result of the court case, she received apology letters from those behind the accounts – one of which went into four pages.

"So this is what I can't understand. Somebody was trying to ruin me online but once they were found out, once we had got a name that they would write me a four-page apology letter."


She said getting through the ordeal highlighted all the positives in her life, including the "powerful support" from followers.

She added that she thankfully hasn't had any more online abuse and hopes her win shows people "fast fingers" have consequences.

"You have got to be accountable for what you write online. This anonymous fake profiling has to stop."