Lost in translation: the Wiki page for Friends in Japanese is priceless 1 year ago

Lost in translation: the Wiki page for Friends in Japanese is priceless

We were all guilty of relying on Google Translate a little too much in school.

From Irish essays to French orals, the tool became a crutch we used to get us out of our linguistic troubles.

However, if you did turn to the search engine once or twice, you’ll also know that it was never the most reliable of features.

From grammatical errors to incorrect tenses, we all faced the fury of our teachers when they realised we hadn’t mastered the homework by ourselves.

And if you needed any more convincing that you should stay well clear of the tool, then this should do it.

One Twitter user stumbled across a page for our favourite sitcom, Friends, on the Japanese Wikipedia.

Curious to see what it said, he ran the character bios through Google Translate and the results are ridiculous.

See if you can read these without getting a headache.

Monica Geller

“Rachel’s best friend from high school Lincoln. Jews. And the loss of my brother looks good get along together, such as dance and sports since childhood, there is a surface hated the guts and repugnant. I like competition and gambling, reluctant to be the best anything, throw or break things and lose. I hate animals dressed. Poor massage.”

Phoebe Buffay

“In massage, Monica former roommate. And homeless at the age of 14, picked up the money to live on the streets for children. Loss of a human victim. Because it has a thought bizarre behaviour and mysterious basically, or did not believe the force of gravity and the theory of evolution, or there is a history of arrest.”

Rachel Green

“A crybaby in the naïve young lady in the rich selfish. At the age of 15, because the horse was kept in the disease died, and had bought a boat instead. Skill to be taught about the control of the boat to Joey.”

Ross Geller

“Pampered from parents unlike Monica, to be carefully nurtured. Jews like his father. Or forced to attend the camp of the hate movement is poor at gathering exercise from childhood.”

Chandler Bing

“Often seems to be gay and (especially women) a stranger. Intercourse with a woman is basically weak, give it a boring reason is reluctant to or after intercourse with a woman, broke or ran into that state withdrawal. Had lied to hide the hate and dog allergy dog.”

Joey Tribbiani

“School days because it was just playing with the girl without a study, not enough general knowledge, may not keep up with the conversation of the other five. Children are also stain action.”