Love Island fans believe Curtis isn't into Maura after his interesting comment last night 1 year ago

Love Island fans believe Curtis isn't into Maura after his interesting comment last night

We're not ready to say goodbye.

Listen to our final thoughts and what we really think about Curtis and Maura's dilemma last night below.


It's the final countdown.

We're days away from finding out the 2019 winners of Love Island and ultimately, getting our lives and weekday nights back.

And although we don't know if we're happy or sad about that, we're for sure happy to see an end to the on-screen drama for the Islanders, as the final five couples prepare to leave the villa and adapt to world on the outside.

But, will it be make or break once they land back in reality?

Well, after last night's show, it looks like viewers are sure that Curtis isn't as committed to Maura as he leads on.


During their final date last night, fans of the show noticed Curtis had a similar reply to Maura as he did Amy when she started talking about how much she liked him.

Confessing her feelings, Maura gave Curtis a wreath of compliments ending the outpour by saying:

"You’re funny and I love your smile. When you smile, I smile."

To which Curtis replied:

"I'm a lucky man."


Now, although there's nothing wrong with his response, fans thought it was out of character for Curtis who never misses an oppertuinity to chat or add some imput and found it very similar to his previous date with Amy.


As the end nears we will find out our Love Island winners on Monday, July 29. Up until recently Molly-Mae and Tommy were favourites to win however, it seems as though people are now backing Amber and Limerick man, Greg to take home the title of Love Island winners 2019.


It's off to Limerick we'll be going for that homecoming.