Love Island fans can't get over Dami's intro 3 months ago

Love Island fans can't get over Dami's intro

Back with a bang.

As Love Island officially kicked off last night, we sat back and relaxed as the new islanders were introduced, but a lot of us nearly spat out our drinks the second Dami opened his mouth.


Dami Hope, a 26-year-old microbiologist from Dublin, was the first of the fellas to enter the villa and he definitely got our attention immediately, but not for the reasons you may think.

Speaking immediately about his "love stick", Dami said in his opening montage: "Basically I have this gift or something. I have this birthmark shaped heart on my penis.

“And usually the way it goes, whenever I tell a girl I have that they don’t believe me - and then I show them.”

“I call it my love stick."


Naturally, a confession like this on TV only led to instant memes being made about it and Love Island fans couldn't help but think of what his parents thought while watching him say that.



One person wrote: "why does dami think it’s ok to mention his ‘love stick’ on national tv?? #LoveIsland."

Another said: "Heart shape where? Dami we didn’t need to hear that- #loveisland."

A third said: "Dami’s family listening to him talk about his wood on tv #LoveIsland."

A fourth added: "Right Dami boy no need for that piece of info xx #LoveIsland."


While a fifth added: "Not the “love stick”, the irish were rooting for you dami #loveisland."

Love Island began this year with a twist after islanders were told they wouldn't be choosing who they coupled up with, rather the public had decided.

Dami was the first boy out and the public, who voted on the app last week, chose for him to be partnered up with Amber, a 24-year-old nanny from London.

Tonight is set to see an even bigger twist as Italian bombshell Davide has 24 hours to choose one girl to couple up with and leave one of the boys single and vulnerable.