Love Island fans think Lucie plans to stray from Joe after one thing she said last night 11 months ago

Love Island fans think Lucie plans to stray from Joe after one thing she said last night

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Does Lucie have a secret plan to ditch Joe?

Love Island's first week was well and truly dominated by the love triangle between Lucie, Joe and Tommy.

Lucie and Joe paired off in the original coupling but not long after, Tommy entered the villa and made very clear that he was going to pursue Lucie too.

Cue several days of the pair vying for Lucie's attention with her in the middle like a toy being pulled in opposite directions by two very determined children.

The drama cooled off after Molly-Mae arrived in the villa and made it clear she like Tommy.

Lucie ended up choosing Joe in Friday's recoupling while Molly-Mae picked Tommy.

All's well that ends well, right?

Well, maybe not.

Molly-Mae's now found herself in a triangle with Tommy and Anton.

In last night's episode, Lucie was seen quizzing Molly-Mae on who she preferred after Anton made her a cup of tea.

"What you thinking? If he's just brought you a cup of tea already... You do like that, don't you?" Lucie asked.

Molly-Mae agreed, saying "Anton's just very attentive. I do like things like that."

"I feel Anton gives that little bit that Tommy doesn't."

The exchange seemed innocent - but some viewers reckon that Lucie was trying to steer Molly-Mae towards Anton so Tommy would be free in case she wanted to leave Joe.

We also Lucie giving Tommy advice on Molly-Mae - and some reckon it's pure sabotage.

Could Lucie be acting shady, or does she genuinely want to see Molly-Mae happy?

We can't call it but we're buzzing to see what happens.