Love Island fans in stitches over the boys failed prank on Unseen Bits 5 months ago

Love Island fans in stitches over the boys failed prank on Unseen Bits

He's too much.

Love Island fans were left in stitches after last night's episode of Unseen Bits, when the boys decided to play a prank on the girls and it completely backfired.


Pretending that Jay received a text, it supposedly read: "Hi boys, please meet Abby and Immi at the front door #toomanygirls.”

The plan was to dress Davide up as new girl Abby and mess with the girls' heads, but of course, it failed completely and only made for even better TV.

The boys legged it upstairs to get ready for "Abby's" arrival and dressed Davide in the girls' clothes before making their way back down to surprise them.

Of course, the girls are smarter than that and knew immediately something was up, with Ekin-Su saying: "I know what they’re going to do, one of them is going to dress up as a girl. Put hair extensions in, wear one of our outfits, put on some heels and go hi I’m Imogen!”


Knowing them all too well, it was as if it was on cue that Davide walked up to them in his heels and said: "Hi girls! Is there anyone in the villa?”

Introducing himself as Abby, he was asked by Charlie who his type was, and Davide replied: "I don’t like blondes, sorry.'


Taking to Twitter, fans of the show were in bits over the scene, saying how much funnier the islanders are then we initially thought.

One said: "Davide as Abby is funny AF unseen bits really shows the islanders have so much more personality."

Another wrote: "Davide is hilarious Wtf #unseenbits #LoveIsland."

A third said: "Wetting myself laughing! Unseen bits are better than some weekday episodes."


A fourth added: "This my first time watching unseen bits and I’m crying. Davide is even funnier than I thought."

Love Island returns tonight, with Casa Amor making an appearance. The girls and boys are split up, with the girls heading off this year and the boys remaining in the villa for the ultimate test, we see six new boys and girls coming to keep the original islanders company.