Love Island first look: Will finally gets grafting as the two new bombshells pick their dates 2 months ago

Love Island first look: Will finally gets grafting as the two new bombshells pick their dates


Love Island returns tonight and as two new bombshells make their entrance to the villa, Will has some serious grafting to get done.


Last night on the show, Will found himself single after bombshell Tom coupled up with Olivia, who originally was with the farmer.

But now, Tom also could be vulnerable at the next recoupling as Olivia still has her eye on Haris.

Following Tom's choice, Will approaches him and says: "Honestly, you are well better suited.”

Will continues, jokingly: "It just means that I’ve got to graft a little harder now.”


Later in the Beach Hut, he adds: “[I’ve] got to do a lot of grafting, do a lot of talking and try to take in as much as possible.”

It's not long before he grabs Lana for a chat - but what will Ron say about this?

Haris also gets his grafting on as he chats to Olivia to see where her heads at now that she's coupled up with Tom.


Haris says: “Out of every girl in here, you are the one that I’m most sexually attracted to, you’re a very good looking girl.”

Olivia tells him: “Looks wise I feel like he’s [Tom] growing on me but you’re more my type, I’m more physically attracted to you… And then personality, the thing that gets me so stuck is the fact that you’re both so different and I just need to decide what I want from a guy…”

Meanwhile in the villa, Tanya and Shaq cuddle up and speaking about the new couple, Shaq says: "


That was intense, something like that kind of puts things into perspective, in those kinds of situations you...”

Tanya asks: “You what?” to which Shaq replies: “I just want to keep you close…”

Will the two finally have their first kiss?

But that's not all in the villa as the two new bombshells enter - Zara and David.


Two islanders receive texts inviting them out on a date with each bombshell, and one of the lucky people says: "I think having the two new bombshells will definitely mix things up, it will get people sweating a bit.”

Another says: “I’m absolutely buzzing a new girl is coming in!”

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