Love Island responds to claims Casey and Tom hacked island phone 2 weeks ago

Love Island responds to claims Casey and Tom hacked island phone

They reportedly downloaded Instagram...

ITV have spoken out about accusations circling the internet about islanders Casey and Tom hacking the show phones.


Apparently the pair accidentally guessed a password check that popped up on the phone meaning they were able to download apps.

Like past series, islanders are not allowed use social media while in the villa or access the internet at all.

This year the show brought in new rules stating the contestants Instagrams must stay dormant while they are in the villa so breaking a rule like this one is a big deal.

We know about the apparent hacking from dumped islander Maxwell Samuda who spilled the beans when he left the show.


He said the pair "easily guessed" a phone password which gave them the loophole to the internet so they downloaded social media app, Instagram.


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Since hearing this, fans are a little suspicious about the intentions of both Casey and Tom. But, now that Casey is gone from the villa, it's only really Tom people are talking about.


Is he playing a game? Was he using Instagram to check his followers? We don't know.

ITV have come out and denied all claims that this even happened in the villa. A spokesperson for the show said: "No islanders have downloaded or had access to social media while in the villa."

Tom and Casey were like brothers while in the villa and Tom was very upset when Casey left so we don't think Casey will break his silence on the phone situation until the show is over - just incase it ruins bestie Tom's chance of winning.

We're low key looking forward to when the islanders can chat openly about what really went on in the villa.


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