Love Island subtitles have viewers in stitches over dig at Indiyah's recorder 2 months ago

Love Island subtitles have viewers in stitches over dig at Indiyah's recorder

Oh, dear.

Love Island fans were treated to the iconic talent show during last night's episode, and with that came some of the funniest, yet cringiest, performances.


With Andrew surprisingly making a sale of the Love Island villa entertaining, it was Indiyah's performance on a recorder that had a lot of viewers tilting their heads and furrowing their eyebrows.

While fans were already left stunned by the, let's say interesting, show, it was the subtitles that really did her dirty.

Giving a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in performance she admitted she hadn't practised for since she was eight, the 23 year old was given some encouragement by Dami, who had confessed he loved her earlier in the episode.

It only took seconds before the rest of the group were in hysterics, with Gemma saying: "There were some notes that were like eeee. Everyone was just wetting themselves."


Indiyah also couldn't hold back her own laughter but managed to make it through after crouching down so she wouldn't be able to see them laugh.

While viewers at home were laughing along with the islanders, it was the closed captions that really threw her under the bus as they read "She plays “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” badly."


Tweeting about the incident, one fan wrote: "HOW ARE THE CAPTIONS DOING MY GIRL INDIYAH SO BADLY OMG."

Another said: "They did indiyah wrong with these captions."

While a third added: "the caption hell nah."

And the person behind Indiyah's account even joined in, saying: "Whoever is in charge of these captions, step outside real quick I just want to talk."


While the caption was bad enough, some fans were comparing the performance to Millie's last year when she played the keyboard for her fellow contestants, becoming one of the most talked about moments from the show.