Ekin-Su talks babies with Davide as Dami and Indiyah take a big step in their relationship tonight 2 months ago

Ekin-Su talks babies with Davide as Dami and Indiyah take a big step in their relationship tonight


Love Island is in its final week and as the majority of couples are as solid as they'll ever be, they're starting to move up in their relationships.


With the final looming, the islanders now need to make their mark and while we've seen a number of them already official or exclusive, Dami and Indiyah are next on the cards.

Speaking in the kitchen in the morning, Indiyah confronts Dami about his feelings for her and asks if he has thought about saying those three little words to her.

Indiyah asks: “Why don’t you say it then?”

Dami admits: “I’m waiting for the perfect moment.”


Indiyah says: “The perfect moment is when you feel to say it… why didn’t you say it?”

Dami admits: “I thought about it, it was between kisses. I just didn’t say it out loud…”

While they're on the verge of admitting they love each other, will they actually end up saying it here or wait for Dami's perfect moment?


Meanwhile, Ekin-Su is way past this and already thinking about the future, or her future with Davide more like.

Not long after the two decided to become exclusive, the two are standing on the terrace with Tasha and the new couple are looking out over the villa.

Thinking of what is in store next for them, Ekin-Su says about her and Davide: "This place is magical. If we have kids I want to take them here.”


Tasha replies: “Oh my god it’d be like, ‘This is where I met your dad!’”

Ekin-Su says: “Oh stop, you’re going to make me cry!”

Tasha laughs: “Why are we crying right now?”

While all is looking up for these islanders, Danica heads to Gemma to ask for advice about her relationship with Jamie, saying she's gone from "0 - 100"

Asking for advice about footballers, Danica says: "I know there’s sometimes a bit of a stereotype. Is he the kind of guy, young footballers, go into the clubs… I do forget your dad is primetime…”


Gemma replies: “He [Jamie] knows he’s decent looking, he knows he can probably get girls… But it genuinely does depend on the type of person.”

Danica admits: “I don’t want to be naive… I feel stupid saying it, I do really like him.”

Gemma comforts: “That’s not stupid at all. If it clicks then it clicks.”

Danica says: “I just have to hope and believe that the Jamie I’m seeing now is him and that is exactly what he’d be like on the outside.”

Speaking in the Beach Hut Danica adds: “Her [Gemma] mum and dad have been together since they were god knows how old, so you know, dreams do come true.”

Taking a break from the romance, the islanders take part in the 2022 talent show, and if it's anything like last year's, we're in for a real treat.

Of course, Danica shows off her dancing while Adam turns to some tricks with magic. Davide goes full Italian and presents his latest cooking show, Cooking with Davide.

Indiyah is taking a page out of Millie Court's book and heads down the favourite childhood musical instrument route while Andrew shows off his skills in, em, being an estate agent.

All will be revealed tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.