Lucy Kennedy 'will never be the same' after living with Gemma Collins for Living With Lucy 4 years ago

Lucy Kennedy 'will never be the same' after living with Gemma Collins for Living With Lucy

"There will only ever be one Gemma Collins."

Lucy Kennedy has opened up about the "bonkers" experience she had after moving in with Gemma Collins.


The Tv3 presenter and the former TOWIE star became (temporary) roommates earlier this year as part of  for Living With Lucy. 

While there are still plenty of familiar faces that fans will be tuning in to see this season - like Nathan Carter - it looks like GC has made an unforgettable impression on Lucy.



She told Her:

"There will only ever be one Gemma Collins.

"I love her - she's always been a guilty pleasure; now she's a very, very guilty one.

"[But] I'll never be the same again after living with her.

"She's absolutely bonkers in every sense. She put me on her couch, since she didn't realise she needed a spare room - and she sleeps naked to connect with the moon.

"She also has all these fortune tellers on speed dial - she phoned them in the middle of the night and tried to put me onto them.

"She's so full of life, bubbling in personality. I laughed from the minute I met her until the moment I left.

"She's a really hard worker, and she's very savvy - I think she kind of laughs a lot of it off, but she knows what she's doing."


The pair became roommates in early April as part of the upcoming 10 episode series, much to the delight of fans.

Sharing an image of the iconic TOWIE castmate, Lucy wrote on Instagram:


"In 3 days, I’ll be moving in with my next #livingwithlucy housemate..... @gemmacollins1"

The upcoming season of Living With Lucy is still filming, so it's going to be a while until we see this sure-to-be memorable episode.

Needless to say, though, we're absolutely buzzing for it.