Maura says she'll quit the Love Island villa if Curtis and Francesca crack on 10 months ago

Maura says she'll quit the Love Island villa if Curtis and Francesca crack on

 Maura Higgins has threatened to quit the Love Island villa if Curtis Pritchard and Francesca Allen crack on after tonight's recoupling.

The first look at Thursday night's episode saw the 28-year-old admit she is ready to walk out of the villa if she picks Curtis, and he confesses he wants to get to know Francesca.

Maura pulls Curtis for a chat after last night's challenge to find out how his date with Francesca went - and doesn't seem to be too happy with what she hears.

Curtis tells her:

"Yeah, she seems like a lovely young lady.

"It'll be nice to get to know her. Is anything going to come of it? I don't know; I mean, I quite like talking to you."

But when Maura pressed if he was planning to get to know Francesca, Curtis retailed: "I don't know, and I don't want to lie to you."

The next morning, Ovie gets a text telling the Islanders that there will be a recoupling - and that one boy will be dumped from the villa.

And Maura has one thing in particular on her mind: the potential romance between Curtis and Francesca.

She tells the girls:

"If I choose him to couple up with and he still gets to know her, I swear to God I will pack my bags."

Meanwhile, Francesca is definitely torn between Curtis and Marvin.

In the Beach Hut, she reflects on her upcoming decision and says:

 “It’s so hard. I need to go with my gut on what feels right and who I think has the potential to make me the happiest person I can be.”

But it’s time for Francesca to make her decision as the Islanders are asked to gather around the fire pit.

As the new girl in the villa, Francesca is up first - but who will she pick?

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