Mel B's appearance on Wild With Bear Grylls got very awkward 4 years ago

Mel B's appearance on Wild With Bear Grylls got very awkward

Running Wild With Bear Grylls is a great nature show. It sees the former SAS Bear pairing up with a celebrity to do some daring do in the great big outdoors.

Educational, informative and highly entertaining, it's no wonder the show has boasted guests including Channing Tatum, Michelle Rodriguez and even Barack Obama.


It's also just featured one of the Spice Girls having a wee on Bear's hand.

No, really.

In the most recent episode of the show, with former Spice Girl Mel B, Bear found himself in a bad way following an unfortunate scrape with a jellyfish.

It seems that the jellyfish didn't take too kindly to Bear assessing if it'd be good to eat or not and promptly stung the survivalist on the hand.

With time running out, and his life in danger, Mel B took Bear's hand between her legs, and err... well she urinated on it.

Bear-Mel B

"I’ve seen it movies before where someone gets stung by a jellyfish someone has to pee on them," Mel says, explaining her thinking before she does the deed.


Do you need me to pee on you?’ she offers.

Bear politely declines at first before... well things develop.

"This finger is now getting really quite painful. Mel has kindly offered two or three times to provide some urine, I had a pee about 10 minutes ago, I’m out.

I’m actually getting to the stage where I’m going to take her up on this."

And this is how we ended up with a situation where Mel B urinated on Bear Grylls. To save his life of course.


"This is so inappropriate," Mel says before doing the deed.

So it is Mel. So let's watch.

This is the part of the story where we point out that although it's widely believe that urine contains properties that can neutralise a jellyfish sting, most doctors strongly suggest you DON'T wee on a sting.

Vinegar is recommended, but if we had that, we'd have been robbed of this new, instant classic TV moment.


"There you go. Don't say I don't do anything for you", said Mel upon doing the deed.

Well said Mel, well said.