Netflix fail accidentally gives Kate Middleton a royally awkward 'makeover' 3 years ago

Netflix fail accidentally gives Kate Middleton a royally awkward 'makeover'


An error on Netflix accidentally ended up giving Kate Middleton a royally awkward makeover.


At first glance, a documentary about the royal family sounds like it would be some pretty relaxed and safe Netflix viewing.

But one person ended up having to do a double-take after scrolling through the Documentaries section on the streaming service.

It was all because of how the show - The Royals - aligned with the show underneath it. And that fact that it turned the Duchess of Cambridge's outfit into an optical illusion.

The top half of the photo shows Kate and Prince William kissing on the balcony on their wedding day. But the bottom half of the image was spliced with a woman in stockings and lacy underwear.

The photo was shared on Reddit, with the original poster calling it the "risqué side of Netflix" - and social media users couldn't help but giggle about the error.

Others couldn't help but notice the gaffe left Prince William looking disembodied, simply leaving a floating torso behind.


It comes as a photoshop fail on Netflix left fans scratching their heads - as it was so subtle that many didn't even notice it at first.

On a casual peruse through Netflix, Reddit user 'moofthestoof' came across this feature image for the newly released Netflix Original, The Babysitter.

Inspecting the regular areas for the obvious edits, it took us a few minutes before we had our lightbulb moment.

Still haven’t figured it out?


Well, it seems that not only is the babysitter in the picture a total serial killer, but also possesses two right hands.