Netflix's Back With the Ex is the TV show we never knew we needed 1 year ago

Netflix's Back With the Ex is the TV show we never knew we needed

It's very, very cold out there.

And while Met Éireann have said it's going to be milder next week, it's still freezing right now. 

Which means it's the perfect excuse to stay in and catch up on all of the newest additions on Netflix, including Aussie reality TV series, Back With the Ex. 

The series initially premiered on Seven Network last April before it was picked up by Netflix, who distributed it worldwide in January.

There are seven episodes, each of which are around an hour long - and it is so addictive.

Basically, it involves four singletons reuniting with the ex they couldn't forget after years after apart.

But what they don't know,  though, is if their ex feels the same way about them.

After their reunion, they spend a few days in a neutral city, before spending a week living at each of their homes (which proves to be particularly difficult for some pairs).

They end the series with a trip abroad, before the 'ex' in question decides if they want to rekindle things.

Now, for the four couples taking part in the 'ex-periment'...

Jeremy and Meg

They were dating on-and-off for seven years before Jeremy ended things four years ago and moved to Europe. Now that he's back, he wants to give things another shot - but Meg is hit with a wave of anxiety as soon as she sees him, so it definitely doesn't get off to the best start.

Peter and Diane

The couple split 28 years ago after trying to do a long distance relationship from Australia to the United States, where Diane lived (and still lives) in North Carolina. And while they haven't seen each other in almost three decades, Peter says he's thought of her every single day.

Cam and Kate

High school sweethearts Cam and Kate split up after Kate drunkenly cheated on him at a party. In the three years sine the split, Cam has found it difficult to open up and trust anyone else - while Kate hasn't found anyone who makes her feel the same way he did, and hopes they can work through the trust issues.

Erik and Lauren

After breaking up repeatedly during their six-year-relationship, Erik and Lauren broke up because he was working all the time and, according to Lauren, only her to see him one day a week. He wants to give things a shot now as he's not working as much and will be able to make more time for her, although he's thrown off by Lauren standing up for herself more now.

There's no word yet on a second season - although, we've got our fingers crossed one will be announced soon.