There's a lot of 'Oscar buzz' for Adam Sandler's latest role 5 years ago

There's a lot of 'Oscar buzz' for Adam Sandler's latest role

Could Adam Sandler be in line for an Academy Award?

Critics at the Cannes Film Festival gave Adam Sandler a four-minute standing ovation after watching the actor's performance in The Meyerowitz Stories, sparking talk of a Best Actor Oscar next year.


Sandler, of course, is best known for playing outlandish characters in broad comedies such as The Ridiculous 6, Big Daddy and Jack and Jill but he has shown in the likes of The Wedding Singer, Funny People and the brilliant Punch Drunk Love that there's a lot more to him than LOUD NOISES and fart jokes.

The Meyerowitz Stories, directed by Noah Baumbach, also stars Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller and Emma Thompson and critics are saying that Sandler - who plays Danny Meyerowitz, the recently divorced son of Dustin Hoffman's character, Harold Meyerowitz - carries the film.

Although The Meyerowitz Stories is a Netflix release, the latest in a long line of Sandler tie-ins on the streaming service, it also expected to be released in cinemas across the United States and therefore eligible for the biggest awards at the turn of the year.

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Manchester By The Sea was also financed by a streaming service, Amazon, yet secured a Best Actor Oscar for its star Casey Affleck earlier this year.