One of Black Mirror's scariest episodes is now a board game and just...why? 6 months ago

One of Black Mirror's scariest episodes is now a board game and just...why?

Better start working on those ratings.

It looks like Black Mirror's season three episode, Nosedive, is officially one step closer to becoming a reality.

The episode followed members of a dystopian society, each of whom is judged by a numeric rating that they are given based on their interactions with other people.

The higher your rating is, the better opportunities are afforded to you - and, vice versa.

This leads to the life of the protagonist, Lacie, falling totally apart after she gets a series of negative votes from her peers.

And now a board game based on the eerie episode - also called Nosedive - is about to hit shelves in some parts of the world.

Arriving in Target this month, the idea of the game is pretty simple: get the highest Social Score that you can.

Nosedive: A Social Game is for between three to six players [via EW], and your goal is basically to create the perfect life - which you can do via collection Lifestyle cards or offering other players certain experiences through the app.

Because, of course, there's a smartphone aspect of the game - would you expect anything else?

But you better be careful: other players can also rate their experiences, which may end up having an impact on your Social Score.

The description reads:

"Gather your most influential friends for a game based on the Black Mirror episode NOSEDIVE.

"Create a 'perfect' life by collecting Lifestyle cards, while avoiding any dings to your Social Score that could cause everything you've worked for to come crashing down.

"Your Social Score is based on how much the other players enjoy the experiences you give them using the free NOSEDIVE GAME APP. With over 1,000 unique Experiences available, risk your reputation to impress your important friends!"