An Oscar winning actress has just joined the cast of The Handmaid's Tale 3 years ago

An Oscar winning actress has just joined the cast of The Handmaid's Tale

Oscar winner Marisa Tomei is joining The Handmaid's Tale. 

The news was confirmed by the show's executive producer Bruce Miller during the TV Critics press tour earlier this week.


And while he revealed very few details about what to expect from her role, he did admit that she'll be featured in a place viewers hadn't seen in the first season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he said:

"In episode two, we have a colony story, and we're very excited to have Marisa Tomei."

He also advised fans now to try and predict what was going to happen in season two based off what happened in season one.

He added:

"I wouldn't predict too much about season two from season one.

"And I don't think anything we do is post-Atwood. I think we're living in an Atwood world.

"We saved a lot of things from season one that we weren't able to cover.

"It's just an expansion of the world. We're certainly not beyond the story that she was telling.

"She's still the mother of this series."


It comes as a seriously intense trailer was released for the second season.

Season two is thought to have a stronger focus on the lives of the rebels in the present time, as well as before The Republic of Gilead's totalitarian regime took hold.

Fans will also get a look at The Colonies, the areas of North America that have been contaminated by pollution and radioactive waste.

Gilead often send the people who are convinced of various crimes, known as Unpeople, to the Colonies to try and help clear them up as punishment.