Peppa Pig accused of ripping off Louise Redknapp's 1996 song, 'Naked' 3 years ago

Peppa Pig accused of ripping off Louise Redknapp's 1996 song, 'Naked'

Yes, you did read that correctly.

Peppa Pig has been accused of ripping of Louise Redknapp's 1996 hit song, 'Naked.'


The children's TV show, which has also been at the centre of a censorship row in China, is now facing a legal battle against Redknapp over the similarities in both of their songs.

The track called 'Peppa's Party Time' appeared on the pig's first studio album, aptly entitled Peppa Pig: My First Album. 

The composers behind Louise's song 'Naked' have taken legal action against Canadian company Entertainment One, claiming that Peppa's song is an infringement of copyright.

louise redknapp


The Mirror reports that the case has since been settled, with the producers behind Louise's song entitled to all backdated and future royalties from the song.

In the song, Peppa sings: “I’m having a party/do you want to come/ there’s going to be lots of dancing and maybe some dancing in muddy puddles too.”

In Redknapp's song, she sings: “I can feel your eyes all over my body/I can read the signs, they’re sexual/ I can read your mind/I can see you want me/ Something in your eyes is sensual/ You make me feel naked/ Undressing me with your eyes/ You make me feel naked.”

The similarities are uncanny, really.


You can listen to both of the songs below: