Podge and Rodge set to make return to TV ... with a small catch 5 years ago

Podge and Rodge set to make return to TV ... with a small catch

This is so exciting.

Podge and Rodge are set to return to TV.


The divilish twosome are said to be making the move to TV3, with the network set to bring back their  A Scare At Bedtime.

But it looks like their return to the screen may be short lived.

The Irish Mail on Sunday are reporting that they’ll be making a one-off episode with Lucy Kennedy.

A Scare At Bedtime, which used to air on RTE just before 11pm, hasn’t been on our screens since 2006.


But in the wake of a lot of old TV favorites getting recommissioned, it seems that TV3 have decided to give them another shot.

So far it seems that it’s just going to be one episode but it’s likely there could be more Podge and Rodge if it does well in the ratings.


We'll be keeping our fingers crossed, so.

Two months ago Lucy sent fans into a frenzy when she teased a possible reunion when she posted a shot of her with the two boys on Instagram.

It all began when she tweeted:

"Sooooooooooo, I might have some very exciting work news to share with you all soon..."


She followed that up with a throwback photo with the two, saying that it "feels like yesterday" in the caption.

Her fans went wild for the picture, and along with telling her that she hasn't aged a day (she hasn't), they also asked if the duo were coming back.

Lucy kept her answers cryptic, both on Instagram and Twitter, careful not to spill anything at the time.