The Pretty Little Liars spinoff has hinted at a massive bombshell for Toby and Spencer 3 years ago

The Pretty Little Liars spinoff has hinted at a massive bombshell for Toby and Spencer

"That's not a no!"

A few weeks ago, the Pretty Little Liars spin-off officially kicked off.


And while we're definitely intrigued by the new mystery they have going on, we're just as eager to get an update on our favourite Liars.

It's been almost two years since Pretty Little Liars came to an end, and all the Liars seemed to get the happily ever after they had been looking for.

For Emily and Alison, this meant finally getting for a life together and with their twin girls. However, the very first episode revealed what happened to the fan favourite couple - and it's not entirely good news, with Alison signing the divorce papers in the latest episode.


Then, the show gave a massive update on two more of the couples: Spencer and Toby; and Hanna and Caleb.

Mona called Hanna for a catch up, where she asked her pal about Caleb and their baby (!). And it seems that Spencer and Toby also got their happily ever after, as Hanna told Mona they ran off and eloped.

And then the show gave us an update on Aria and Ezra - who now have a baby girl (named Katherine Ella, how adorable!).


Now, The Perfectionists has hinted at a *massive* bombshell for Toby and Spencer.

It all began when the series' official Twitter account shared a leaked text conversation between Mona and Spencer, where she was congratulating her on her marriage and her mum winning a seat in the Senate.

However, it got really awkward when things turned a bit more personal.


There was a bit of sparring as to whether or not the two of them were actually friends -before they settled on 'friendly', that is - before Mona told Spencer that Caitlin is applying for an internship at her mum's law firm, and that she reminded her of Spencer.

She then told her she had "one more question", asking Spencer: "Are you pregnant?"

To which Spencer simply replied: "Bye."

While it's not a yes, as Mona pointed out "that's not a no!" - so maybe fans'll get the answer in a later update?