Ryan Thomas has received his 'letter of apology' from Roxanne Pallett 4 years ago

Ryan Thomas has received his 'letter of apology' from Roxanne Pallett

Ryan Thomas has received his "letter of apology" from Roxanne Pallett.

The former Coronation Street star said a few weeks ago that he was still waiting to receive a letter from the former Emmerdale actor after she wrongfully accused him of punching her on Celebrity Big Brother. 


Pallett then left the reality show saying that she had "got it wrong."

Thomas went on to win the series.

The Sun reports that Thomas has received the letter Pallett promised to send him apologising for her actions.


A source told the publication that the actor is now ready to "move on" from the incident.

They said:

“Ryan has finally received his letter from Roxanne.

“It was very heartfelt and unreservedly apologetic. He wants to put it to bed now and move on.”

This comes after news that Pallett had written the letter of apology last week. 


She gave the letter to a family member once Thomas exited the house, deciding that this would be better than delivering it directly.

“Understandably there was a lot of commotion when Ryan excited the house victorious and he hasn’t been able to receive the letter yet," a source said last week.

“He’s aware of its existence though and it’s expected that he’ll receive it next week to be able to read it.”